About Us

About Us

Our Mission – Treating Families Like Our Own

Guiding older adults and their families to the long-term care solution that is appropriate for them as individuals: the solution that will provide the best quality of care and quality of life in a financially sustainable way.

When we founded Vesta Senior Network, our vision was to combine our professional skills, backgrounds, and personal experiences with our desire to educate and advocate for older adults, helping them understand the many choices and opportunities that exist for them when faced with the need for care. We will always remain true to our belief that all people deserve help, and we will work within our ability to provide it. Our business model is not unique, but the way we choose to help people is. We always treat families like our own.

After getting to know over 1000 families and helping them through the challenges a move to an elder care environment presents, that vision is more clear now than ever. We know that every person and every situation is unique, and it is our job to make sure that we understand an individual’s personal needs so that we can match them to the best care community.

About Vesta

Vesta Senior Network is a local team specializing in elder care options. Owned by Pam Foti and Jenny Wagner, Vesta has been serving families in Wisconsin since January 2013.  Vesta interviews, tours, and selects many diverse assisted living and memory care communities that they know to provide excellent care in Wisconsin. Vesta also has developed a network of businesses and other services that can help people through the many obstacles they may encounter during this stressful transition. Each community is only as good as the people running it, and Vesta knows things can change, sometimes rapidly. Vesta is committed to keeping a finger on the pulse of the businesses and communities with whom they work holding them to the highest standard of service.

Bringing a Local and Boutique Angle

Vesta brings a local and boutique angle to elder care. Vesta will only choose to partner with assisted living and memory care communities in Wisconsin we would recommend to our own parents. Vesta strives to fully understand and know these communities, gaining a knowledge of the care they will and won’t provide and also what their financial requirements are. Vesta will bring this expertise to their clients to educate them about the long-term care landscape in Wisconsin and the options that exist for them. A Vesta Elder Care Consultant will meet with a family to gain an understanding of their loved one’s personal, financial, and care needs. Vesta tours the assisted living or memory communities with their clients to help them through the selection process. Vesta is committed to helping to find the best fit: an assisted living or memory care community that will be able to care for someone now and into the future while being a financially sustainable choice.

Families Helped
Healthcare Industry Experience

Why Vesta?

  1. Experience Counts
    • Since 2013, the Vesta Team has helped over 1000 families find the best care for their loved ones
    • The Vesta Team has nearly 60 years of combined healthcare industry experience
  2. Using an expert can improve outcomes
    • People plan for “retirement,” but not long-term care, therefore decisions are made in crisis
    • The world of long-term care is complex, not well-defined, and is an evolving industry
    • Vesta Senior Network understands the complexities of the long-term care industry: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Medicare, Medicaid
  3. Knowledge provides peace of mind
    • We are educators and advocates, and we strive to help families truly understand the options so that at the end of the process, they can feel peaceful and confident with their decision
    • Vesta can turn months of investigation into a short list of real, viable options: options that will provide the care needed today, as well as into future, and options that will be financially sustainable

Is Using an Elder Care Consultant Expensive?

No! In real estate, there are typically buyers, sellers, and brokers or agents in a transaction. The sellers typically pay a fee to the broker or agent for finding them a buyer. In elder care, the model is very similar. Not every house is for every person, and the various assisted living and memory care communities are not perfect for everyone, either. The assisted living and memory care communities pay a referral fee when an individual is a good fit and moves into their community. Vesta works with their clients to understand their care needs, their finances, their preferences, and match those with the communities that can meet their needs. Vesta does all of the preliminary leg work for the care communities, so they know that the clients coming to them are right for them, and they are willing to pay for that service.

Does Vesta Have a Bias?

Yes! Vesta is biased, and it is a bias you want. Because of their mission to help people get the best care, Vesta’s bias is in favor of those who are providing the best care and those who are going to be ethical should someone outlive their assets. Vesta’s reputation for working with integrity stems from the caring service they provide and the excellent outcomes the families experience.

Vesta is a Proud Sponsor and Supporter of a Number of Community Organizations: