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When we founded Vesta Senior Network, our vision was to combine our professional skills, backgrounds, and personal experiences with our desire to educate and advocate for older adults, to help them understand the many choices and opportunities that exist for them when faced with the need for care. One thing we know for sure is that having the knowledge to feel confident in a choice is the key ingredient to peace of mind. And that is what we hope to offer all of our clients and those who come to us to learn.

We have developed a series of educational talks that are intended to provide a solid foundation of what care can look like in our state, as well as an understanding of how an individual’s needs can be met so that people can begin to understand which choices could work for their unique situation. Since 2013, we have presented to support groups for The Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Associations, as well as at their annual conferences. We have spoken to the Wisconsin Bar Association – Elder Law Section, Wisconsin Financial Planners Association, United Way – Retire United group, Kiwanis and Knights of Columbus Clubs, key Milwaukee employers, and countless church and senior groups. Each talk can stand alone, or the three can be presented in a series.

I Want to Stay in my Home…How Can I Do It?

Home sweet home. We all want to stay independent, living in our own home as long as possible, but many barriers may stand in the way of this goal being reached safely. Learn what you can do to make your time at home as safe and enjoyable as possible. Begin to develop a plan to help support this goal, understand what services may be available and how you can make your home work with you, rather than against you.

1. Understand the importance of open communication with your doctor and your family.
2. What does a realistic “stay at home” plan look like?
3. What can I do to stay healthy and safe in my home?
4. What kind of services can support my goal?

Navigating Senior Living

In the past, when someone needed care that could no longer be provided in the home, there was one option: skilled nursing. In Wisconsin, the last 20 years has proven to be a time of great change for individuals and their families needing to make decisions about a loved one’s care. This growth and change has created many choices, however, with those choices comes a complex world of options that one may not expect. This course is designed to help individuals: professionals and caregivers alike, understand the “industry” that is long term care in Wisconsin, become savvy consumers, and be better prepared to navigate it for themselves, a client, or someone they love.

1. Leave with an understanding of the types of care communities that are available in Wisconsin, having learned the basic differences between the licensures and what that means.
2. Gain an understanding of the costs of different types of long term care in Wisconsin, the importance of sustainable decisions, and how to carefully navigate the financial part of choosing the best option for care.
3. Leave knowing that there are good, sustainable choices that can provide care and having an understanding of the industry that will help them to make the best choices.

Understanding Dementia and Memory Care

Each person is unique. When someone receives a dementia diagnosis, that doesn’t change. Families and even the individual him or herself may be overwhelmed, scared, and confused. Understanding what dementia is, how it may progress, and what types of support and care are available for both the individual and the family will help you to feel a little bit more in control as you journey through the disease process.

1. Gain an understanding of dementia and its many forms.
2. Understand some of the key challenges caregivers face and what one can do to work through them.
3. Understand the options, support, and education that are available to provide assistance and care in the home, as well as outside of the home.


I am a past president of the Elder Law Section of the Milwaukee Bar Association. During my time in that capacity, it was my privilege to invite the advisors at Vesta to offer an educational program to members of the bar. Vesta’s presentation was engaging, very well delivered and offered myself and my fellow attorneys invaluable insight into the real-world process of and challenges associated with helping clients find facilities that are appropriate for their specific needs and circumstances. If you are looking to provide employees, colleagues or a professional association with an interesting and educational presentation on any aspect of navigating senior living, I highly recommend that you reach out to the advisors at Vesta and work with them to create a program tailored to your needs and audience.
Attorney Stephen A. Lasky

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Vesta Senior Network in our community senior center and for our adult learning night. Their involvement came at the request of our members and citizens, which alone speaks volumes about their reputation. They offer an exemplary education program that is truly unbiased and informative. Once people are in need of help finding senior housing either for themselves or their loved ones, they are usually in crisis mode. Vesta Senior Network works very hard to combat that. They provide fabulous education to seniors and non-seniors alike and delicately handle educating the families they work with, enabling them to make smarter and better decisions for the long run, should the need arise. I strongly encourage anyone considering senior residential accommodations to seek them out, partake in their wisdom and benefit from their experience in the industry. We may only make this kind of decision once in a lifetime. Working with Vesta Senior Network ensures that you’ll be making the best decision for your loved ones.

Kristen Hecht, Program Coordinator Hart Park Senior Center Wauwatosa Recreation Department

Pam and Jenny with Vesta Senior Network have helped me to better understand what I can expect as my parents continue to age. After hearing from the experts, I’m not feeling the overwhelming anxiety of what’s to come, rather, I’m able to embrace the beauty of planning in the moment and I more clearly understand how to have positive, productive conversations about the future with those who I truly hold dear.

Jeriah Ebling, Manager, Major Gifts & Planned Giving United Way

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