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Join Elder Care Consultants Pam Foti and Jenny Wagner from Vesta Senior Network as they help you to understand your options and create your care plan for the future. How can I stay in my home safely? What are my choices and what do they each cost? What kinds of questions should I be asking? How do I communicate my wishes to my family? What should a realistic plan look like? Come and bring your own personal questions with you to this presentation.

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Does my loved one need a nursing home?


Frequently families are counseled by doctors or nurses regarding the status of their loved one as they are recovering from a stroke, a fall or an accident, or generalized weakness because they aren’t able to take care of themselves. The doctor or nurse will state that their loved one requires 24/7 care, or care in a nursing home. Today, in the state of Wisconsin, very few people actually NEED the care provided in a nursing home, also called a skilled nursing facility. Today we can rely on the Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF). CBRF is the higher licensure for assisted living in the state of Wisconsin that provides unlimited hours of personal care and up to 3 hours of nursing care per week. 


Medicare payment practices affects course of treatment


As the landscape of healthcare changes and our population ages, Medicare has changed the way care is provided to our elders. Once upon a time, treatments such as an IV antibiotic or wound care would have only been provided in a hospital setting. Now, the hospital stay for Medicare recipients has been shortened, in most cases, and people are in the hospital long enough for a diagnosis and plan of treatment to be identified. Following the shortened hospital stay,…

Our Favorite Memories as Elder Care Consultants


The life of a caregiver spouse or adult child is riddled with physical and emotional challenges that one can never really plan for. For some, there comes a time when the care needs of a loved one simply can’t be met by family at home. Maybe because we have memories of Granny sitting in…

On June 21, Team Vesta will continue the fight to help end Alzheimer’s. Annually, on the “Longest Day of the Year, June 21,” teams all around the world focus their energy on raising funds and awareness to help fund the cure for Alzheimer’s and also programming to support families…