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0.621 Mile Fundraising Fun Run/ Walk supporting The Alzheimer's Association The Longest Day event The day with the most light is the day we fight! Join Vesta Senior Network in raising funds for research for those impacted by Alzheimer's disease and support and services for caregivers. A cure is hoped for in our lifetime! YOU can help us get to our $15,000 goal by running or walking with us! Bring your friends and family! Schedule…

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On June 21, Team Vesta will continue the fight to help end Alzheimer’s. Annually, on the “Longest Day of the Year, June 21,” teams all around the world focus their energy on raising funds and awareness to help fund the cure for Alzheimer’s and also programming to support families suffering from the disease. As Elder Care Consultants, on a daily basis, we see the devastation that this disease causes families, and we also know what a profound impact Alzheimer’s Disease has on the world population. Now, more than ever, there is hope on the horizon, and we will likely see the first survivor in our lifetime. There is hope,  and YOU can help us #ENDALZ!


The Event: The Shortest Run for The Longest Day

Help us get to our $15,000 goal on The Longest Day by running or walking with us at The Shortest Run for The Longest Day! Bring your friends and family!

Schedule · Friday, June 21, 2019

5:30 PM - 6:45 PM:

Event Kick off / T-shirt Pick Up / Registration at Leff's Lucky Town

7:00 PM:

Run / Walk--Hart Park

7:15 PM:

End of Run / Walk Celebration and Raffle at Hart Fest in Hart Park

Run/Walk Sign Up:

It was a beautiful July afternoon, and I was sitting on the deck overlooking the lake, listening to the children swimming, splashing, and jumping. My phone rang, and as any small business owner would do, I answered it. It was Carol, and she was frantic. Her mom had recently…

Assisted Living Facilities v. Nursing Homes

Sadly, the world of long term care that we are frequently thrown into without much preparation, is complex. There are so many subtle differences between one nursing home…

Time and again we get asked “What are your favorite assisted living communities?” “Which one is the best?” “Do you have a top 10 list?” Or how about, “My mom needs a nursing home.” “Which one is good?” So often we hear, “Oh, I saw that new memory care going up right by my house…