Success Stories

Success Stories

Take a moment to read about our clients’ experiences in their new communities.

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An avid hunter, fisherman, and boater, Norm’s life is lived with gusto. After surviving two strokes years earlier, he was surprised when he couldn’t shake an illness this past winter. After his wife died unexpectedly, Norm was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

As Norm’s health returned, his strength did not. When we met Norm and his son, he was in a skilled nursing facility receiving therapy but needing full assistance for many of his daily living activities. He was unsure if he would ever leave skilled nursing since his care needs were so high.

We helped find Norm an assisted living community that provides the full assistance he needs while encouraging him to be independent in as many ways possible. He is nestled in a wooded community near Lake Michigan and one of his hunting trophies, a buck head, is mounted in his apartment. Still living with gusto, Norm, a great storyteller with a smile for everyone, is loved by the other residents and all his caregivers.

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In the past year, Terry has been on quite a medical odyssey, including a stroke, a stay in a skilled nursing facility, a move to an assisted living community, other complications, and another stay in a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. Terry’s condition was so compromised that no one expected him to ever be able to discharge from that skilled nursing facility.

However, through strong will and determination, Terry’s health has completely turned around. He has lost a significant amount of weight, many of his medical conditions are under control, and he has gone from a wheelchair to walking with a cane! After all, Terry is career military, having served in both the Marines and the Navy. If anyone could achieve the success that Terry has, it would be retired military!

It was truly our pleasure and privilege to help Terry regain his independence and move to an assisted living facility that can support him in his new-found health. When we saw Terry in his new home, he was proud to show us his new 50” TV and tell us what a good feeling it is to have his own mailbox and be able to walk to get his own mail once again.

We are proud of you, Terry!

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Mary’s three daughters were concerned about her living alone in her home in Menomonee Falls. Her daughters wanted her to be safe and to have care or help if she needed it, but were not sure how to make this happen.

After talking about these concerns with family and with her friends at work, the youngest daughter, Lori was told by one of her co-workers about Vesta Senior Network. Lori’s friend had read about our business in the local ‘Tosa Now’ paper. Lori contacted Vesta in see if we could help out.

We met with the three daughters to understand the care needs of their mom and to understand where and what type of community would be the best fit for Mary, as well as for them. We discovered that mom would be eligible for veteran’s assistance due to their late father’s service, and we helped get the paperwork rolling and the many questions answered.

After a handful of meetings and tours of communities with these three gregarious and attentive daughters, we decided on a lovely 1BR apartment in an assisted living community with excellent care and delicious food. Mary moved into her apartment later that year. When I visited Mary, she was very happy and content with her new home. She said, “I love it here! …I feel very well taken care of… and the people are so nice here.” It was wonderful to see her beautifully decorated apartment, and to hear she was making new friends and enjoying her new home.

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Bill and Mary Angela

Vesta received a phone call from the Director of Social Services at one of our local rehab facilities. She told us that she was working with a gentleman who was recovering from some surgery and working hard to re-gain his strength. He and his wife had decided that after this last illness, it was time for them to consider moving into a community that could provide the support and care that would not only help him to fully recover now, but that would continue to provide the safety net that each of them might need in the future.

After much discussion and careful consideration, we helped Bill and Mary Angela to choose an assisted living community as their new home. They moved into their new 1 bedroom apartment at the end of December. Although Bill is still working to recover from his illness and surgery, we were able to “spring him from the big house,” (as we like to tease) earlier than we had originally anticipated because he is able to continue his physical therapy in their own apartment.

Bill and Mary Angela are doing very well in their new home with a lovely balcony overlooking a courtyard. Each of them is finding his and her own place in the new community. Mary Angela has plans to head up a Welcome Committee for new residents, and Bill is enjoying the kindness and attentiveness of the staff. Bill has always enjoyed cooking and is very happy to have a full kitchen in their apartment, but he also enjoys the convenience and camaraderie of the dining room, as well as the good food prepared by the chef and her team. Bill admits that the new place “takes some getting used to,” but they are truly enjoying their new home and the community it provides.

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