Employee Resources

Employee Resources

What is the Sandwich Generation?

A generation of people who are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. (Webster)

Because of age and experience, your sandwich generation employees are often some of the best and most important members of your team. When they are torn between responsibilities at home and at work, something has to give. When the crisis at home is because an elderly loved one needs care, people are thrown into a situation that they likely have never experienced before, and often it’s their work that suffers.

Caregiver Crisis

  • 1 in 6 American workers is assisting with the care of an elderly family member or friend. (Gallup)
  • 70% of working caregivers suffer work-related difficulties due to their dual roles. (Gallup)
  • Working caregivers are known to show up late or leave early, take a leave of absence, turn down a promotion, choose early retirement, lose job benefits, or resign. (Gallup)
  • Nearly half (47%) of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent age 65 or older and are either raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child (age 18 or older). And about one-in-seven middle-aged adults (15%) is providing financial support to both an aging parent and a child. (Pew Research Center)

Assisted Living Experts

Most people know to seek the assistance of a realtor when buying or selling a home, an attorney for legal advice, and a financial advisor to help with retirement planning. However, most people don’t know that the same sort of experts exist in the complex world of long-term care.

Locally owned Vesta Senior Network are Elder Care Consultants who help the “Sandwich Generation” find assisted living for their loved ones. Through experience, research, and investigation, Vesta has selected the best assisted living communities that can be trusted to provide excellent care. Vesta has also created a network of businesses and services that can guide their clients through the many obstacles they may encounter during this stressful transition.

Identifying, touring, and choosing a community that can provide quality care can be emotional and time-consuming. The resource books and list services can only provide that – long lists of communities to research and learn about on your own. Since 2013, the experts at Vesta Senior Network have been educating themselves and personally vetting communities. When your employee needs help, Vesta can easily identify 3 or 4 communities that are appropriate to the individual’s specific care needs and financial situation. Vesta works to provide real, viable options that will provide the quality care that someone needs today and into the future, options that are also sustainable financially. Knowing that an expert is helping to carry the load allows your employees to focus on their work, rather than the family crisis.

How Does Having Employees Whom Are Also Caregivers Affect Your Bottom Line?

According to MetLife Mature Market Alliance for Caregiving, companies lose between $17-33 billion annually due to lost productivity, $5.1 billion in absenteeism, $6.6 billion in replacing employees, and experience a $13.4 billion increase in healthcare costs.

Work-Life Balance

Let your employees know you care and are working to find ways to help them find a better balance.  Not only are we available to provide confidential consulting services when an employee needs it, but we also offer free elder care educational programs to help your employees plan and understand what they may face down the road. Contact us and get a date on the calendar for your team!

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